Captain Awesome’s Mobile Swim School has been created to deliver fun, themed, indoor, heated swimming lessons to preschool children on the premises of their preschool itself giving time to free up families on the weekends

The aims and objectives of Captain Awesome’s Mobile Swim School are to:

1. Increase water confidence to become proficient at freestyle and backstroke and also devlop water safetly skills

2. Deliver a programme in such a way that the water safety skills, confidence and swimming skills are nurtured in a fun and enjoyable environment

3. Deliver a programme that is affordable to all areas of the community  

Lesson Goals for Preschoolers aged 1 – 5 years and school aged children 5 to 6 years

The 14 easy steps of Captain Awesome’s Lean to Swim Programme are divided up between seven fun and funky classes:

Awesome Starters:

1. Entries and exits and water confidence

Super Submarines:

2. Water confidence and submerging for five seconds

Fearless Floaters:

3. Floating front and back unassisted

Rocky’s Rockets:

4. Streamline glide unassisted

5. 4m streamline glide, kick on front and back

6. Sculling motion

Arm Circle Champs:

7. Controlled arm circles

8. 5m streamline glide, kick and stroke assisted

9. 5m streamline glide kick and stroke unassisted

Breathtaking Kiwis:

10. 8m streamline glide, kick, stroke and breathe assisted

11. 10m streamline glide, kick, stroke & breathe unassisted


12. 25m Freestyle

13. 25m backstroke

14. Breaststroke, stroke, kick and glide